What We Have – and What We Need 
to create the world-premiere action magazine for youth leadership for use by the general public, parents, schools, cafe owners, public libraries and more. Let’s do this!

We are not starting from nothing. We have what it takes to do this, big time. We have been in changemaking, youth leadeship, sustainability sciences and sacred traditions for twenty years. From 2005-2012, we ran an online magazine in 14 languages, involving 3,000 online volunteers from 70 countries and got plenty of leads into the sectors of education, civil society and alternative media to build an audience, user and action community. Note also that four YL platforms  

  • YOUTH-LEADER, educational and training, with UNESCO status and UNU partner affiliations
  • BOOST CLUB, crowdfunding for hero*ines, adult community boosting local youth
  • BEMOREAWESOME, youth action community, working with hero*ines
  • CORONATION ACADEMY, self-learning, courses, speakers and more
  • seed content into the Magazine and enable readers to turn inspiration into action.


We have a rich global network of changemakers and content producers with inter-active initiatives that turn readers into doers who contribute back to YL magazine and changemakers, generating many win-win benefits with real life  impact.

Full-time changemakers and caring youth and citizens become one,
with some of us doing the work in the engine, and others locally as it fits your life.

Together, we use YL Magazine as a vibrant communication platform, learning medium and tool to activate the citizenry around us with our compiled energy.

4 formats equip each of us to enjoy upliftment in our favorite form
+ to spread solution spirit in different settings, reaching thousands, online and onsite, in cafes, schools, workplaces etc.

Online Mag + social media



Digital PDF


Print on demand


Artistic Wall Displays



It’s not much. We’d love that you join us to climb the forst hill for 3 months and are sure that you’ll love the results and to continue the journey to new heights.


100 people x $10 monthly gets us going well with experienced core crew.

Supporters will very well gain a pizza meal’s worth in continuous upliftment, online and with a rich and beautiful PDF magazine every 1 or 2 months.

Readers, Likers, Sharers

We need you to simply read on the hero*ines, solutions and groovy gems that you love to read about + to ‘like’ to boost our google status + to ‘share’ to grow our reach, community and impact.

Online Volunteers

We are hiring folks that love to write on hero*ines and inspire action from 1 article per week (3+ hours) in highly uplifting community, with rich benefits – see below.

As we go, you can get involved. A LOT.

90 % Online Volunteer powered

guided by a core crew




Art, ambience, graphic design, layout


films, radio …



Volunteer benefits: inspiring, fun, global, intercultural team experience, training in positive change media culture, access to world class hero*ines, liberty to create in their ways, team profile, certificates, letters of support.


+ National Issues

are a great motivational venture and a highly useful activity to connect with allies all over the country.

National issues will feature global content, too, since in terms of positive change, every country is backward and provincial, or we would all be awesome already. That content will help activate the reader community and connect them to the greater scope of YL actions, programs and opportunities for them to wield.

This National Issue and its outstanding content gets mapped and goes into YL educational and social media for use by our global user community, and it serves to connect changemakers with another via the LearnPlanet Map.


+ LOCAL Issues

are another fabulous and exciting medium, once is enough, but it can get sustained long-term, online and quarterly in print.

It can get compiled quickly by a volunteer, as a class project, an extracurricular or summer school program, and can be run long-term by a local YL chapter, youth team, student clubs at one or more schools working together, also as radio show.

We have great tools and tricks to connect with many people in your region, using YL’s history with UNESCO and RCEs with UN University status. And we will work with you.

This Local Issue adds to the global YL LearnPlanet Map and educational and social media, too.