Luwayo Biswick

Luwayo and his Love Grace started Permaculture Paradise Institute on what was sold to them cheap as “a dry piece of land good for nothing”. One year later, it was a thriving food forest, the ultimate family farm aka Our Little House In The Prairie dream come true. Two years later, it is a massive operation with over 150 products, plus model farms, traditional round houses, street children as trainees, gifting seeds and doing week-long training for 100s of lead farmers who act as multipliers in their villages, with rapid results just 3 months later, involvement of schools, churches, municipalities, families, celebrities, media presence …

His vibrant facebook stream that teaches us that there is no reason for hunger or poverty in Malawi, so-called 5th poorest country in the world, with 3 Hunger Months while he lives in abundance … nor is there need for money or machines. This is the most important story for Africa and Africans to restore peace, joy, abundance, and vibrant communities, co-learning and climate resilience.


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