There’s far more behind YL Mag than you expect.

is a global community of badass hero*ines, global experts, magical coaches, teachers, citizens, youth teams … and lovely people like you. In YL Magazine, we tell our stories, and those of other geniuses. We may call it the visible tip of an iceberg of what’s happening in our Tribe, or a tree’s crown full of ‘fruits of success’ born from a tree, trunk and root system stretching around the planet. Ripe fruits that you now hold in your hands to consume, enjoy and seed.

“And what will you do with the Grail, Galahad, once you have found it?” – Le Morte d’Arthur

80% of human behavior is shaped by Role Models - 3 min read

Obviously, changemakers and coaches, learn- and participation spaces are the most important people and places for positive change. All citizens should know of them and collaborate with them.

Yet, few citizens know of them or have means to find them. You may find info and shops (to change consumption of food, energy etc to reduce suffering) but you don’t find people and spaces to learn, join and wield hands-on solutions that really change lives, change land, change learning, change laws, change industries with tangible effects and countable numbers … like our societies’ highest decorated young and adult hero*ines do. 

In short, places and people to ACTIVELY JOYFULLY DO AND CREATE THE NEW, or you would already have 100s of teenage hero*ines in town, rocking great changes with lovely adults and Changemaker Student Clubs at all schools and constantly uplifting positive news in your local and regional newspapers, radio and tv programs. That’s what a GOOD new vibrant co-creative society will look like.

Such places and people is what all of us / our citizenry / our beautiful young generation need to upgrade from idling voters to Able Active Caring Citizens, able to protect what they love, to restore what they love, to create what they love for their community, city and region, and to copy-paste what they love from elsewhere to enrich their region. 


“80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, copy-paste. This also works via media.”

This tells you exactly what to do.

WHAT NOT TO DO: Do not flood people’s brains with comedians, greedy marketeers, violence, expensive far away holiday destinations, dirty machines and porn. The Unsustainable Society does so daily in a full scale assault, tricking people’s innocent selves with the knowhow of a century of psychological studies packed into shiny electronic gadgets triggering joy hormones in people’s minds and over time turning people into remote-controlled bots. BUT: They don’t really LOVE this 2-dimensional experience and once OFF they pretty quickly become human again, because we are genetically coded to LIVE holistic lives. The point is that for many youth and citizens boring “reality is broken” (Jane Mc Gonigal), which is why they chose the low quality compensation.

For many reasons the Unsustainable Society’s Industrial Media will not change it for the better. They run on the false Spirit. Even their loudly announced positive columns are low quality, useless and quickly disappeared. Forget them. Good media can only truly get created by people of pertaining Spirit.

WHAT TO DO: Give people access to higher quality choices via media that feel not brutish but heavenly and connect with experience in 4D reality on the big screen of Life, that truly enable people to live their dearest innate aspirations like joy, adventure, goodness, intimate connection etc. and CREATING A GOOD WORLD (in face of the abominable shijt show happening on Earth and that 80% of youth and adults were aware of and unhappy about before some pandemic distracted and closed down their minds and hearts and hands).

EVOKING POSITIVE CHANGES is genetically coded in each of us in the 21 st Century and people across generations and cultures welcome, embrace, support and choose it.

Here is what happens when people see Hero*ines.

All highly successful teen hero*ines’ stories show that as they step up with tangible solutions, they get supported by adults and invited as speakers by schools and celebrated as hero*ines in media and bestowed with our societies’ highest awards. Their journey naturally unfolded face to face and via social and news media.

It is also known that positive stories gain more clicks and shares AND that they nurture mental health and that they nurture a sense of appreciation for one’s tone, community and region AND a sense of active citizenry that translates into real tangible action.

It’s common sense.

THE PROBLEM: Why aren’t our media full of positive stories? Because few journalists are changemakers, like few teachers are ace quality educators and few people elected into government are … well, you say it. And because few citizens born into monarchies, dictatorships and “voter” democracies able active caring citizens. Finally, even with good intent, the few good stories go under in an ocean of madness, infotainment and compulsory nil-effect reporting. 

THE SOLUTION: Bundle all positive stories in one publication in Positive Change Media Style like we do with unbridled passion, action guides etc.

In the big picture, the cosmic clock was set for 2022 for citizens to sufficiently suffer, be fed up, wake up and CREATE THE NEW. So let’s do what’s needed now and #bemoreawesome


Hence, this is what’s needed to do: 

DAILY show humanity’s finest hero*ines, living the most beautiful virtuous feelings and dreams written into the Hearts of ALL OF US!

  • This kind of people you find en masse in YL Magazine, Media and Programs.
  • Their kind also exist in your region, in diverse form.
  • Most of them act in a Spirit of Service to people and the Land.
  • Many LOVE showing people how to live their good dreams for people and planet.
  • Many involve you in doing so, too.

We help you find them and how to show how your youth and adults and educators can interact with them. Common news reporting does not evoke that. Ours does. 


For this we need to visually “MAP” people and spaces

… not only as dots and phone book entries that no one feels and acts upon, but in authentic, vivid form, conveying their SHINING SPIRIT and the UPLIFTING ACTIVITIES conveying the can-do feel and open invitation to come over, speak, hi5 and take part.

This is what most citizens of monarchies, dictatorships and democracies rarely experience in daily life at school and work … but it is precisely what life is like with teen hero*ines, adult changemakers and magical coaches, passionate educators, bee-keepers, permaculture farmers, nature guides, cultural creatives, artists etc., and when you view this en masse bundled in one magazine with plenty of immediate action opportunities you sense the WEALTH of opportunities to have a GREAT TIME, learn ACE SKILLS, open up plenty of AVENUES (also for making a living by doing what one loves), PARTNERS for projects and lots of FRIENDS. Altogether – the next level GOOD SOCIETY.

Once it is seen in the MAGAZINE and also marked on our LearnPlanet Map, inspired people can self-organize follow-up.

Of course, the changemaking journey continues. Hence, it makes sense to keep using and evolving the Magazine as a tool and communication medium that connects and fuels 1,000s of locals involved – reaching into schools, councils, cafes and homes.

So, if you don’t have one – YOU NEED ONE – because without it, no active citizenry and no relevant better future can appear.

Let’s get doing.



YL Magazine is for YOU

to equip you to make your GOOD DREAMS for the people and planet you love come true.

YL Magazine tells you today’s Gandhis’ and Gryffindores’ common sense solutions for you to support, to wield – and to forward to people who can make use of them.

By doing so, you turn from Reader to User. You become a changemaker. You make serious changes happen.

Well equipped, making change sometimes only takes seconds;

such as a donation, activating x friends to join and reach a milestone, informing a person that works in the pertaining field, for example a councillor, a journalist, an organization … and most of all : good teachers.

Refreshed with positive worldview, READERS like, share, donate, and pass on info to others

Within days, READERS contribute story tips, map changemakers, help in-kind, discover and enjoy their new global community of like-hearted newbies and badass experts

One article or poster exhibit can reach 1,000s of people and give them access to action.

It can activate a teacher, a class, a Changemaker Student Club to take year-round action for and with teen hero*ines that our articles connect with. Many are YL Speakers and Project Partners!

You learn to do like teen hero*ines:

for example, to activate a school for a book drive to create a Magical Children and Youth Library at a Youth Leadership LearnSpace in one of our partners’ crisis regions.

Think about it: If each teenage student at a school gifts 1 good children’s book you get a stack of 1,000 books, an entire library. That’s power.

Emma raised 500,000 books like this in 6 years. You can do 1,000 in a week. You get many such magic wands here. To do hero stuff.

Within weeks, readers turn into USERS and get creative … get the FREE Hero*ine Story Set, gift books to kids, throw Philanthro-Parties at birthdays and fests to FUNdraise, scale up support for their fave vauses and hero*ines and to reach exciting milestones

These hero*ines are our FRIENDS. They can become Yours.

We are not journalists. We are high impact changemakers. We love them, we want to boost their initiatives, spark worldaround replication and help them achieve their dreams. Truth is, all of us carry these dreams in our Hearts. They have broken the ground for all of us to realize them, and with ease! 

Take a second to realize that grace that is. Money can’t buy that. Media don’t even tell their stories. And if so, audiences rarely get active. We do.

We are very grateful for them being on the planet with us in these times. And we seek to make them gifts in return 🙂

What kind of people do you surround yourself daily? Whose words do you let into your mind? And into the hearts of your children?

Not just yours. Of all children in your district’s streets, kindergartens and schools.

In orphanages, prisons, refugee camps and war zones. Got no contacts? We do.

Imagine the entire world’s population could have interacted in real-time with Gandhi, Joan of Arc and Jesus. It’s real now.

As YOU take simple, swift, common sense actions, you become part of their adventures and literally co-write their next chapters in REALLY BIG LETTERS across the Sky and the Earth.

How often do you get that chance?

And your virtuous deeds will get told here and in all media that you forward it to.

Equipped with knowledge and tools, USERS activate thewir city: they inspire others, also key professionals that seek to activate citizens (teachers, journalists, councillors, librarians, citizen groups), give presentations, organize video-meetings with YL Speakers and Coaches

USERS rapidly feel”I can do this”, set up stands at farmer markets, use UN Days, connect with adult allies, launch Project Partnerships with hero*ines, students gain badges and there’s much reason to celebrate common achievements!

With all this power and vision

will you drop your mask and dare answer this question:

Why have you come to this planet at this special time?


boosts your IKIGAI

Even people making a living on living their passion, like artists and athletes feel a void in themselves today, questioning whether what they do is truly what society needs now.

YL makes MISSION and VOCATION part of your daily life!

That’s huge, and it makes it easy to win others to come aboard your team and rock good stuff – such as reach milestones for your fave hero*ines!

To make it best fun, efficient and impactful, we offer

  • many options to CO-CREATE YL Magazine
  • quality tools, tricks and partners
  • community and coaching

… for you to unfold your superpowers – to boost global hero*ines, to activate local youth, and to address local challenges and potentials.

As you do so, you get to meet hero*ines, they become your friends and YOU grow into a hero*ine. 

The Tribe is a potent Enabling Environment.

It is important to get off the web into the tangible world.

USER GROUPS of FRIENDS can form Boost Club UNITS with Map markers to get found and find other Units and team up. They activate the CITIZENRY, pay visits to hero*ines, deliver collected goods, vividly document to boost FUN and impact

Positive change requires PRINT COPIES

  • for tangible feel in your hands
  • to read at ease, in large size, in beauty, a blessing to the eye, heart and mind
  • to immerse oneself, dive deep and dream big …

Tiny electric screens don’t do that, and then it’s gone never to be seen again. Nothing tangible grows from that.

Think of girls in Afghanistan, in refugee camps, in rural villages who have no phones, no electricity … and where internet gets tracked and shut down by dictators or alien invadors.

Think of fave childhood books, sacred artefacts in your hands, beside your bed, on your shelf for years.

Changemakers need PRINT COPIES

  • to inspire people at first sight for a world of beauty, solutions and youth leadership
  • with friends, with family, on birthdays and Christmas
  • to lay into our kids’ hands, on reading tables in canteens and cafes
  • for use at school, libraries, community centres, youth clubs, in waiting rooms, at the workplace

… to explore *TOGETHER* to spark conversations, rubbing shoulders, leading to “we can do that, too”, “we should have this here” … and action!

YL Boost Club members use plenty of tools

flyers, digital tools etc in the Store, for free download or purchase, as fits you best.

USERS can train to become CERTIFIED YL COACH to wield YL Programs, fine-tune activities to their local setting, publish local YL magazines, network and train others … 


The Magazine is an entrypoint to all this!

To fully empower readers to become USERS and CHANGEMAKERS we offer platforms and ACTION COMMUNITIES for YOUTH & ADULTS


is our mother platform, with info, tools, speakers, project partners, coaches, training, 30+ programs … leading to YL Magazine and these 4 platforms

Action Community for Adults

to boost global hero*ines (crowdfund, in-kind …) and local youth leadership by seeding info, exhibits, presentations, YL Coach training, LearnSpaces …

with a neat club feeling.


Action Community for Youth age 8 to 18

to make changemaking their sport and grow up taking action with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores, with badges, ranks etc for CVs of Awesome

*in production*


Home & Family Activities

sourced from magical coaches and creatives, with badges for completed sets of activities; great for use at school, fests, playshows, camps, YL Coaches

*beta release upcoming*


Pay visits to hero*ines, as friend, traveller, family, volunteer, coach, youth exchange … making a difference & Living Dreams

*launch after covid pandemic*

They complement another.

Each has different focus.

Each feels different. Feel it!

It’s lovely to switch purpose and to lead this multiplex changemaker life.

By using them in combination,

YOU create a Local Enabling Environment

for High Impact Youth Leadership and Active Citizenship

– which makes you young people’s best friend, and is precisely what the planet needs now.

We have a Planet to save

and we have not come here to fail.


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