It is easy to work with us.

We know what your life at school is like, what good teachers, students, principals, parents, partners and mayors love school to be like, we know of a wide scope of open learning methods, award-winning programs, changemakers operating at schools etc.

We help you make CREATING A GOOD WORLD FOR ALL part of learning culture.

We have diverse tools, activities, methods, partners and programs to use and adapt and evolve as you like, tuned to your setting, challenges, potentials, priorities, goals and dreams.

You can use our media and methods, or use them as add-on to existing programs, or we can start new ones together using our wide scope of partners and our creative genius.

We can serve teacher- and student-centered learning, as well as student clubs, school fests, excursions, exchanges and student leader mentoring.

We also serve beyond school hours in evenings, on week-ends and holiday periods when (like sport, music and gaming) youth leadership truly happens in depth with relevant impact on society, self-organized like millions of Fridays For Future students.

We are an outer school partner, like sports clubs, music schools, and we equip for self-organized action, like skateboarders do.

We can work informally, non-formally or formally.

It need not cost money, but it can. We can work for 20,000 per year. We can be a partner in school-led youth exchange programs.

We help spark and evole student-led activities, uniting the ones on fire for people and planet, those with a sense of creativity, fun and adventure. They exist in every class and by the dozens at each school. It’s high time to make them an active partner of the learning process to activate 21st Century changemaker skills in your student body; like their hero*ine peers are.


Here are straightforward swift and complex activities with YL Magazine for use in education.


Use the Online Magazine

Task students to explore sections and report their findings to the group

Use Stories

Download / print / order our Hero*ines Story Pack, introduce your class to young hero*ines & youth leadership

Use the Poster Set

Set up an exhibit to reach 100s of students, teachers, parents, gather their views, story tips, ideas + recruit crew and allies

By this time, your students have fresh positive worldview on youth, people power and our common future.


Use our Surveys

to express students’ and teachers’ views on important matters, to publish in YL and with youth researchers

Submit Story Links

Tell us of hero*ines, solutions, music, art … and needs 

Write & Contribute

stories, photo essays, art, ETPs, interviews …
in positive news style

Act & Report

Take action for your fave hero*ines and causes, vividly docu-ment and submit

By this time, your students feel involved and have even become part of unfolding adventures.


Create a Local Issue

for your city / region / country, involving youth from multiple schools, to get published in YL

Note that each student created product gets published

  • in YL
  • students’ social media
  • possibly on schools newsletters
  • on local news media.

since YL’s theme, angle, spirit and style make that their creations have relevant value for society and engage citizens “for more”.

This is a rare and precious experience. 

We are here to help. We want to you succeed. Because it means that you will change lives, for real. Go for it!

By this time, your students have pushed innovation, gained extraordinary skills, built many relations … and laid a foundation for much more to come.

Are you on fire to see youth leadership at school? 

It begins with introducing students (and teachers and parents) to hero*ine role models with a sense of action.

Explore our resources and websites. Newbies to YL and youth leadership can feel insecure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s talk.

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