Why have you come to this planet at this special time?

This is a question we all must respond to, now.
It was difficult and depressing to face it in the past. but with YL Magazine things have changed for you.

With your new opportunities, equipped with a worldclass changemaker community, you can at last dare feel your Heart, your conscience, embrace your sense of responsibility and step up to be different from earlier adult generations.

We are a new generation equipped with unprecedented opportunities. As you see, 1,000s of youth- and citizen-powered solutions and support networks have been available for decades. and now is the time to #bemoreawesome

We make it easy.

Like playing your new favorite sport or music.


Everybody matters. 1 flyer or email to a teacher can activate an entire school.

Would you feel good, if you changed lives and land for real with simple steps?

What if you enabled 1,000s of Youth to do like their hero*ine peers?

It’s simple. All you need is Love for People and Planet,
and the gentle readiness to try a few simple tricks.

A little bit or full-time. As you like.

Like every sport, you learn it by playing with worldclass coaches, athletes and total newbies.

Just connect, use the moves proposed, enjoy your impact, the celebration,
and observe how you begin to freestyle and compose your own creations.

We look forward to hearing of your breakthroughs and breakdowns
on social media & tell of them in our Community Section.

Welcome to the Adventure!

1. Online, we boost Global Hero*ines
to impact 1,000s of people with their genius work.

Boost YL Magazine and Programs

to spark and evolve youth leadership at schools and beyond, also in crisis regions

Boost Hero*ines

to take their high impact initiatives to next milestones and shape the future of entire regions – through your help! 

Help In-Kind

in easy, creative, unusual ways + bring in your ideas

Grow impact and FUN

by activating co-workers, friends, followers and citizens using tools and tricks

See Success unfold in real-time

on social media, contribute and feel that you become part of their adventures


with fellow Boosters, YL Coaches, global experts, hero*ines for Q&A, learning, celebration, to plan next steps

Involve School / workplace

Enrich daily life with purpose and better achieve your professional aspirations

Pay Visits

to today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores as traveller, family, group, volunteer or coach – make a difference through your presence and live your dreams 


Never before in history could you meet and work with Gandhi, Leo da Vinci. 

With us you can. With many of their kind.

You don’t find this anywhere else. Others don’t even know youth leadership exists.

2. Locally, we boost Youth Leadership

You’ll (soon) want to inspire lovely people to join your global work AND to activate local youth leadership.

We provide the tools, methods, support and partners to do so. A little bit or full-scale!


Books, Flyers, Poster Sets

to gift, seed, to set up exhibits in cafes, canteens, schools, community centres, public spaces

Team up with Hero*ines

as long-term adventure with your school, workplace or citizen group


Book Speakers

Call in YL Staff and Hero*ines to speak to groups, at events, or to run local project days, workshops, trainings

Presentations and Workshops

on youth leadership, YL 101, your fave hero*ines, how people get take part

Form a Local Unit

Got big goals? Form a local crew with your friends, open for like-hearted citizens to join

YL Coach

Train yourself in wielding YL tools, tricks and partners to activate youth leadership and the citizenry

To our supporters community.

Explore our changemaker friends, tools, tricks and more

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