Welcome to becoming a co-Creator …

of a very special publication in your city or country. One uniting the most respected people making others’ lives more awesome. Those giving opportunity to wield the magic of today’s world. Certainly the most relevant publication. The one that uplifts, gives how, sparks magic, makes impact, realizes dreams and enables true positive changes, now and for years to come. In these times, what else really matters? Welcome to #bemoreawesome

Contribute Stories

Send us stories or links to epic changemakers, solutions, great city policies, genius projects, stuff that makes life more awesome… to

What fits in? View our big scope of content

Contribute to a Big City / Small Country Issue

You can easily adapt this to a smaller scope of town or region, where you also find most elements, or even others.

You'll be positively surprised

Our scope + variety + active involvement of youth and citizenry gives you plenty of exciting options to contribute with FUN.

1 to 5 minute Activities

using your voice, links, flyers, stories, posts on instagram, facebook, messengers

  • to friends
  • to colleagues
  • to key professionals
  • to youth and schools – as an immediate and long-term action opportunity with relevance for society
  • in culture centres – as official announcement and invitation to participate and wield it to reach your good goals
  • to the citizenry, e.g. with posters in shop windows, on town markets, displays at café and bar counters, table flyers in restaurants, story sets on tables or walls as micro exhibit, XXL hero*ine poster exhibits, also as Light Boxes or projections in streets and public spaces

These tools are available by free download or order from our YL Store

IT TAKES ONLY MINUTES of living your values, of speaking your passion … and it can ripple to 100s of people.

Join the Issue’s YL GROUP on facebook, instagram, whatsapp or telegram

  • share
  • contribute
  • make friends
  • invite others

IN MINUTES, with ease, you will connect 10 people, who will connect 50 more.

As mayor, young hero*ine, entrepreneur, artist, athlete, “celebrity”, museum director, civil society member …

become a non-formal friend, supporter or partner by voicing your support

  • on social media, also YL Magazine instagram and facebook
  • in news media
  • at events
  • in your newsletters
  • also for publication in the Magazine Issue

5 MINUTES of your voice have value to grow reach, recognition and support.

TAKE 3 MINUTES using our flyers and links

to inform teachers and student leaders on this extraordinary opportunity to bring global issues to life and live sustainability and SDGs in Action

  • to learn on youth leadership
  • to reflect on their generation’s powers
  • to voice their views + report on their projects + CO-CREATE MAGAZINE CONTENT

in class

  • using our Hero*ines Story Set, Online Magazine and flyers

and – to TAKE ACTION

  • picking their favorites from 96 proposed actions in the Story Set’s Action Guides 
  • on their favorite causes
  • and their favorite YL Hero*ines and Project Partners

while VIVIDLY DOCUMENTING THEIR ACTIVITIES in Positive Change Media Style.

II. Advanced Activities

yourself, colleagues and youth with the topic of youth leadership + a Positive News Magazine

ENJOY + TELL US OF YOUR EXPERIENCE > to get published in the Magazine

  • View the Story Set with teen hero*ine examples
    and use it with youth, students, colleagues, staff, citizens
    + harvest their feedback
    + call for stories opf solutions, people and places that make life more awesome
    + ask for problems and challenges that need healing
    + ask for things that need improvement, added to life in town and region 
  • Take the survey on youth image, schools and active citizenship in your city and country
  • Sign up with YL Magazine and YL Boost Club to experience positive stories daily; it will spark ideas! 


  • involving local youth and citizens
  • it grows community as articles get pre-published and shared on social media
  • it grows support and contributions
  • it makes the magazine more fun (to see oneself and people one knows)
  • it boosts reach
  • it nurtures a SENSE OF OWNERSHIP

all of which strengthens POTENTIAL FOR FOLLOW-UP ACTION

of the Magazine + call for contributions + youth leadership in general

OVER LONGER PERIOD OF TIME using flyers, posters, story sets, poster exhibits

  • to reach many
  • to grow community
  • to nurture positive worldview on youth, power of one and the future

in your spheres of influence;

  • at home
  • at workplaces
  • in public spaces
  • at events

It takes only minutes and has immediate and long lasting ripple effects

using materials for download, print and order from our Tools collection and the YL Store

on positive news + youth leadership + active citizenship + making life more awesome

  • book speakers
  • co-organize workshops
  • trainings for teachers, journalists, staff, citizens, youth
  • crash courses for school students
  • poster exhibits

with YL Coaches and changemakers or by yourself using our materials, tools, methods and guidance

to grow reach and community of active users and allies.

on who and what makes life in town and region more awesome. 

The scope of topics is wide.

View below examples of people and their specific stories relevant for positive change.

III. Support Manifestation 

Fund production as city, donor or foundation.

$5,000€ gets us far.

$10,000€ is optimal.

Expect 3-4 months of production time.

Fund printing or print it yourself.

Imagine 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 copies in people’s hands.

Imagine copies at low price per unit to get bought in bulk by local well wishers that adopt a school or district to gift 1 copy to every single child and teenager 

What if every kid grows up with your region’s + the world’s finest Youth Hero*ine Spirit, Changemakers and Coaches?

Make a real difference with one or more of these options.

Option 1) Fund outreach to your district’s schools and community centre, such as

  • info flyers
  • presentations
  • hero*ines exhibits
  • workshops, action days, project weeks
  • teacher and journalist trainings

that activate youth, adult allies, spark actions and generate stories

that involve youth in the Volunteer Writer Team

Option 2) Fund copies for every kid at 1 school or in 1 district

Option 3) Offer to support inspired follow-up activities on-demand

EACH OPTION SCORES YOU AN INTERVIEW in the magazine, since you act as a true Adult Ally role model.


Help with access to caring people with influence and superpowers

  • printers
  • councillors
  • journalists
  • wealth holders
  • exhibition spaces
  • workshop spaces
  • event organizers

+ your ideas how to make a difference.

Gift quality rewards such as

  • delicious treats
  • ace skill trainings
  • epic experiences
    like canoeing, sailing, horse riding etc 

for student teams, writer crew, readers and underpriviledged youth served by regional youth leaders and adult allies

for recognition, tangible impact and reason for celebration!

Distribute print copies in bulk to focus users and highly frequented spaces

  • schools
  • hospitals
  • orphanages
  • public libraries
  • youth and community centres
  • mayors
  • company staff, their families and their schools
  • civil society organizations
  • foundations
  • + wealthholders
  • + celebrities

with notes of encouragement and calls to take action and #bemoreawesome

Be generous. #bemoreawesome

Display Magazine copies in highly frequented spaces, such as

  • cafes
  • family restaurants
  • company canteens
  • waiting rooms (hairdresses, doctors, psychotherapists, public services…)

and don’t hesitate to add FUNdraising activities for your favorite hero*ines and local youth teams.

Specific People Superpowers

Here’s what you can do in this position + what you can invite those people to do + whse stories to  seek and tell

To which do you have access?





Your voice opens doors, your city’s staff knows all stakeholders, resources, potentials, problems, has access to media, schools, institutions, funds + partner cities


Tell your stories with interview, photos, what’s next + how people can take part


You have many past and coming projects to tell of, support to offer + know many other folks + can activate community


You have school projects to report on, local and global partners, as a model for other schools +  Student Teams can write, do interviews, videos …


You know of past stories, outstanding people near and far, can reach and involve 10,000s of readers and listeners + coach young writers


You have a sense of public service + reach 1,000s + have space for hero*ine exhibits, program for workshops + know many caring people


You have precious content past and present + access to 1,000s of people + spaces + programs for youth leadership and active citizenship


You have space where citizens, professionals, parents, families relax, have time to browse, discover hero*ine spirit and stories via flyers, poster exhibits, books


Grocery stores, boutiques etc. have space, daily flow of customers + resources for flyers, exhibits, gifts


remind us of our quest – to protect and restore Paradise – and how to lead a magical life!


have funds, resources to help in-kind, staff to task with projects, employees with families with kids at schools to involve, bliss + challenge to FUNdraise


You work with challenged youth, many of whom respond to youth that do good; share our stories, take action, report


have model solutions, long stories, touching moments, precious know-how to share


have fascinating views and activities to report on


Animal angels, healers, permaculture farmers, charities … have lovely stories to share + as example for others


know changemakers, experts, model solutions, have programs to join, access to resources and high quality inter-/ national relations


have powers to manifest production, print, equip all kids with the world’s & region’s finest + access to elite schools, spaces and people with MANY other high impact powers



have gold to add flair of love, magic, adventure + equip readers with something to take home & recreate in their own way


are our door to experience the magnificent Living Planet, live magical times alone, with family, in groups, volunteering in epic projects  


People that teach stuff that makes life awesome:

vegan chefs, permaculture farmers, bee-keepers …


have inspirational stories and solutions to share


Who did we forget?


have unique views and stories on what makes the city and country awesome


have access to 10,000s of people + with positive feel to involve people + access to other celebrities and people of influence


Imagine multiple lovely people of each type to contribute.

Can you feel your City’s Issue #1 emerge? We can.

Let’s find ’em + tell their stories + see if some do something that creates a new, fresh story!


Make this your project as a certified crew member!

It can feel like playing an Adventure Game. Make a list of how many Activities are possible for you, of how many types of People you can activate. How many can you tick off? How many Hero*ines and Magic Makers can you get on board?

Surprise us & make it to the Magazine’s Hall Of Fame!


This covers a fair bit of the scope. More elements can appear. As we work together on your Issue, we will eventually find more and different elements. It’s always exciting to discover human genius, cultural gems and natural wonders.

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