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I welcome you to living your good dreams for people and planet – in action – and co-creating and seeding Youth-Leader Magazine with us so that high impact youth-led projects become omni-present in our schools and societies.\par
You can fuel our engine by backing us on patreon, grow our reach and ocmmunity, you can drop us stories of solutions and music gems that we would never hear of and thereby co-create the most uplifting and empowering medium on the planet.\par
You can join the YL BOOSTCLUB designed to equip everybody to enrich their daily lives online, at home and work with rapid high impact action for people and planet … and enjoy unique like-hearted community of newbies, caring citizens, world experts and badass hero*ines – all united under our banner, fully independent, equipped with hero*ine speakers, teaching tools, coaches, LearnSpaces, project partners, travel, youth training, summer camps, UNESCO and UN University status, – with flair of fun, magic and adventure. \par
It’s new and our hero*ines call it “the epitome of youth leadership”, “we need this in all of Canada’s schools”, “a game changer for society”, “a blessing for parents and families”, “your kind of thinking is very rare”, “the most energized lesson of my career”, “students are inspired and want to get involved”, “thank you for helping me realize my dreams”.\par
You can help bring this into the world, swift and simple. People LOVE young hero*ine role models and to give youth and citizens action opportunities! \par
Imagine that 1 message by YOU to a teacher can get a copy into a classroom, can get all students at school connected with this, give students hope, direct access to humanity’s finest changemakers – and to grow up taking action with them.\par
You can meet today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores via video, at school and at events. You can boost their initiatives and help reach milestones impacting the land and thousands of lives, you can team long-term, literally shape the future of entire regions, pay visits and live dreams. It’s a premiere in human history. \par
In these times – think back at global and national and local news of the past five years – that people are distressed, wanting change, losing hope, falling ill for lack of access to solutions … and you can give them this.\par
You can uplift them daily on social media with our posts. You can lay our stories into the hands and hearts of children and colleagues in form of books, cardgames, calendars and student planners. You can perpetuate presence in form of table flyers and poster exhibits, reaching thousands, long-term and sparking conversations.\par
You can add your voice, your passion and raise FUNds for your favorite hero*ines, generate precious in-kind support and form alliances. You can help youth, teachers, journalists, councillors, librarians and activists LIVE THEIR GOOD DREAMS and professional aspirations by giving them access to this content and opening them doors to more, as …\par
You can learn to wield all our media, methods, partners and programs by training as YL Coach, certified and with our backing to activate youth leadership in your region.\par
Like you learn your picks of world’s best smoothie, eye-shade or gaming moves from your fave youtuber, you will learn humanity’s finest solutions for creating the next-level GOOD civilization.\par
You can tell from out stories. It’s all there, for youth and citizens to wield. Humanity’s DREAMS are right here at reach. The only question left is : Do people want it?

“The future of all species and all generations to come depends entirely on the people alive right now.” – Kinari Webb, Health in Harmony

If you don’t yet make real impact every single day and have young hero*ines at all schools making epic impact like their hero*ine peers, I say “Try this set of magic wands for 3 months, and experience it.” Sign up FREE with our newsletter/s and social media, interact, preferably take the 4-week #BeMoreAwesome Challenge AND chip in a latte’s or pizza’s worth per month.

Thank you,

Eric Nicolas Schneider


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