We have dozens of stories in the pipeline. The zine will be so much fun!

What we need is to liberate CORE STAFF to work on this without worrying about paying their bills.

We work at incredible efficiency, so we need ridiculously little, but this we need.


$2,000€ / month

200 people x $10 monthly gets us going well with experienced core crew.

Supporters will very well gain a pizza meal’s worth in continuous upliftment, online and with a rich and beautiful PDF magazine every 1 or 2 months.

Readers, Likers, Sharers

We need you to simply read on the hero*ines, solutions and groovy gems that you love to read about + to ‘like’ to boost our google status + to ‘share’ to grow our reach, community and impact.

AT THIS TIME, share the VIDEO so that

  • more people share the DREAM to see this get real
  • in the lives of kids and students near and far
  • and CROWDFUND it

Thank you for being awesome!

Online Volunteers

We are hiring folks that love to write on hero*ines and inspire action from 1 article per week (3+ hours) in highly uplifting community, with rich benefits – see below.

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