“Positive News? We need this in Bosnia,”

people said when hearing of my work. After hearing it 3 times, I decided “okay, we will create a special issue on Bosnia-Herzegovina – of value for BiH and Western Europe.”

Value for Bosnia-Herzegovina


  • youth, adults, schools and organizations that make efforts to do good for people and planet in BOSNIA
  • inspirational GLOBAL examples that show what today’s TEENS AND SCHOOLS are already doing, and how one can initiate it in Bosnia also with global partners
  • those who dare to dream, follow their passion, be creative to make life and the world more awesome with a spark of magic … since I am often being told that (a) talent and creativity are not appreciated, (b) passionate students¬† are disencouraged (c) young entrepreneurs lose hope and momentum when hearing of another threat of war (no matter whether for real or to win an election or make money), (d) you cannot make it in BiH and have to leave the country, and (e) you’ll know more points to add.

It will inspire, empower, equip and connect those featured + those reading it and viewing rich and precious conversations on YOUTH-LEADER’s youtube channel’s Bosnia playlist … and THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO USE the NATIONAL AND GLOBAL CONTENT, CONTACTS and TOOLS included.

Value for Europe

For Europe, the DIGITAL AND PAPER COPIES get promoted for use in education on Europe, post-conflict *current* Balkans and SDGs, with direct leads for dialog, encounters and collaboration. It’s GOLD!

Every good teacher knows of the 90’s time, Sarajevo and Srebrenica, and seek to raise their students’ awareness on matters of peace, war, and unity in diversity. But the story hasn’t ended with sad data and black and white pictures. Proper learning includes the BiH of today – not of skylines and GDP – but of kind, peaceful youth and adults doing good stuff, guarding their lands, soils, waters, with stunning history and cultures, love and huggability, being Europeans that greatly enrich life in Europe like few are aware of – and from on shall be – with plenty of leads, bridges, doors and contacts to enter the beautiful Bosnian World that offers so much that overdeloped Europe has lost, frantically seeks to nurture in their populations – such as a sense of peace, responsibility, good neighborhood and plain HUMANITY – and can re-learn among Bosnians, starting with Sarajevo and surroundings, with so much more to discover as you explore all regions.

It is a unique learning resource on spirit of resilience, regeneration, sound mind, down to Earth virtues of great value for Western Europe’s hyper-developed societies troubled with mental illness, poisoned land and waters, sadness despite materialist riches.

Plus, remember that YL Magazine is part of our diverse youth leadership programs, action platforms and travel programs:

  • We promote refreshed school / student club powered Pan-European Collaboration to protect, restore and evolve our natural and cultural heritage, do social enterprise, achieve SDGs and create the EUROPE WE LOVE.
  • Sarajevo is YOUTH-LEADER’s prime Summer Camp destination, with family holiday add-ons, just a day’s flixbusride away from all of Europe.

So, this issue and the emerging network of relations are to enjoy many ripple effects.

You are the experts. You know people. You have stories. You have photos.

This means – WE HAVE TO CREATE THIS TOGETHER. I offer months of my lifetime. For you, it’s minutes – easy. Here’s how to make it happen.

1. Drop me links

2. Discover what today’s teens are rocking – and start dreaming what YOUR REGION’S TEENS might rock – and how ADULT ALLIES can inspire and support them

3. Spread word. Only if many people get inspired by many stories can change happen

4. Talk to me via video / chat

and I will turn your tales and photos into articles. So let’s do this!

What Stories fit in?

It’s more than you may imagine.¬†

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