Abbie Barnes

Abbie grew up playing in wild Nature and when Santa Claus gifted her a camera at age 13, she started making sustainability documentary films “to add a youth voice to nature films” and never stopped. The ink had barely dried on her high school exam that she set out to accompany an expedition to the Kilimanjaro, then trained in Bushcraft and since spends her life crisscrossing Britain’s hiking trails and national parks and telling her stories, adventures, tips and tricks on her thriving youtube channel that has evolved into a Spend More Time in The Wild community with guided walks and more.

We tell her story to schools and encourage teachers, students and youth teams to do like her, do the Grand Garden Campout, explore their Land, natural and cultural heritage, vividly document, report back in class and share their films with us to serve as teaching tools for others. 

Follow her footsteps and TAKE PART in crowdfunding = co-producing her micro-expeditions and films! It only takes a few hundred Dollars / Euros to enable the journey and cover material costs.


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