Books With No Bounds Reaches 500,000 Milestone


What a stellar milestone. 

500,000 books for Canadian First Nations communities that suffer from intergenerational trauma, disconnections from society, racism, poverty, an average of 1 book per household, two to three years delay in reading and writing skills … and escalating suicide rates.

It has changed,

  • … through libraries as safe space of peace, learning, dreaming, friendship, community
  • … in all 49 communities in need of support
  • … contributed by thousands of school students, citizens, authors

changing worldview on their peers up north and bridging historic cultural divides.

Emma has also granted us permission to use her images FOR THE CAUSE, which is a tremendous blessing for all of us, since we have created a 190 step “hero*ine’s journey” from tender beginnings to global impact for our crash course empowering newbies to launch grand campaigns.

Those doing our #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course Phase 2 get to experience it.

“Two hours ago, I had no clue. Now, I feel confident that I can run large campaigns.” – Youth workshop participant


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March 4, 2022

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