Ceci & Luis, Qumara

Dr. Ceci and Dr. Luis are our darling nutritionists, scientists, educators, germinators, fermentors, seed and food lovers sparking a sense of wonder in kids, youth and grown-ups for sevengardens sourced colors from plants as a shimmering door into the microcosmic universe of tiny amazing seeds, evolving into edible jewels by their inner cosmic clock, how to unleash 10x higher nutritional power by sprouting, further superhealth booster effects through fermentation activating our inborn hyper vitality powered by the heartcopre pioneers of life on Earth – gut bacteria! – fresh and cracking like a bear, dolphin, birds, stallions, *every mammal* … except for city bot humans filled up with slime, acid and bad fungi caused by ingesting trashy food copies. 

Sharpen your senses by looking at the sprouting world through Ceci Luis magic lenses and Good Mood is yours!



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