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We have seen Chloe co-found and champion Divest Harvard from 3 students to a movement of 70,000 rising as icon of the global divestment movement sprawling to 100s of uni campuses, cities, churches and state funds divesting 7,000 billion dollars from dirty industries.

And we have seen her handmade Our Little House In The Prairie style campaign play out in real-time on facebook day by day … witnessing truly HISTORIC events … not bullshit history like some guy becoming a football club’s top scorer … but the spectacular that shows how to gain support of earlier right left and centre voters for protecting and restoring the land we love for the people we love and the dreams we love.

She tabled and passed laws in record time.

She got pipeline workers to vote for her climate legislation.

She openly says all parties have failed us and that she will never vote along party lines. She unites good folks of all parties to table legislation and it passes, from rape kits to rural transportation, elderly healthcare to banning forever chemicals.

They are right now working on add-ons to the constitution guaranteeing all citizens access to pristine nature and banning more dirty industries.

She gets 100% score cards from everybody, including the industrial workers union.

All this is a rural conservative working class district that is also the most senior of the USA. Never in US history did people vote a Democrat into office in her district. Until she knocked at every door, presented herself, said she loves the neighbors and land and asked what people need and she would do her best to make it true. 

“No one ever asked me this in my life. I would never vote Democrat, but I vote for you.” 

She swung Trump voters. LOTS OF THEM.

She had 70 volunteers.

“I know what it’s like to return to the campaign office after a whole day of knocking at doors in the rain. I make sure there’s always good tea, cooffee and cookies for everybody at all time. And good music.”


This book is the one on new politics that everybody must read

It will show you that and why 99% of party politicians suck and fail and can never achieve what the citizenry wishes for. Let go of them.

And it shows you what species of changemakers embodies GOOD GOVERNANCE.

It begins with Youth Leadership. Chloe started her journey with a student club at age 12. And she never changed her approach.

Like Eric, she always focused on young changemakers. Her personal blog and page firstherethaneverywhere used to feature weekly interviews with young changemakers. This is why she appreciates our work with YOUTH-LEADER so much. She wholeheartedly agrees:

“Youth Leadership en masse is a game changer for society.”

Listen to what she, the serial record setting changemaker and governor says:

“I see political change happen locally and at state level. Frankly, I see zero chance at national level.”

Follow her example: 

Drop the morbid fascination with protests asking national government to pay someone to fix stuff so you can continue to live like an infantile, incompetent 20th Century voter. That is officially over. 

Now, it is about living community, backing our genius Hearts. And by living the local and state democratic instruments. THEY WORK. They’ve been designed by geniuses. The system is okay. the SPIRIT of most people in it is rotten. Including the citizenry. The problem was that voters still behaved like minions, not like Able Active Caring Citizens. That is now to change. 

  • It begins with feeding your mind the truth that works.
  • And getting it into libraries and schools and cafes. MUST-DO.

“It will be the 2nd book I read in a decade.
The 1st was Polly Higgins’ Dare To Be Great.” – Eric, YL

It shot to #1 position in pre-order for a reason.

Learn Chloe’s language.
Learn her terminology.
Learn her spirit.

Upgrade your operating system.

The Democratic Party left rural America behind.

This urgent rallying cry shows how Democrats can win back and empower overlooked communities that have been pushing politics to the right—and why long-term progressive political power depends on it.

Through 2 successful elections in rural red districts that few thought could be won by a Democrat, twentysomethings Maine state senator Chloe Maxmin (D-District 13) and campaign manager Canyon Woodward saw how the Democratic Party has focused for too long on the interests of elite leaders and big donors, forcing the party to abandon the concerns of rural America—jeopardizing climate justice, racial equity, economic justice, and more.

Dirt Road Revival looks at how we got here and lays out a road map for progressive campaigns in rural America to build an inclusive, robust, grassroots politics that fights for equity and justice across our country.

First, Maxmin and Woodward detail how rural America has been left behind. They explore rural healthcare, economic struggle, brain drain, aging communities, whiteness and racism, education access, broadband, Big Agriculture, and more.

Drawing on their own experiences, they paint a picture of rural America today and pinpoint the strategic failures of Democrats that have caused the party to lose its rural foothold.

Next, they tell the story of their successful campaigns in the most rural county in the most rural state in the nation.

In 2018, Maxmin became the only Democrat to ever win Maine House District 88 and then unseated the highest-ranking Republican in Maine —the Senate Minority Leader—in 2020, making her the youngest woman senator in Maine’s history.

Finally, Maxmin and Woodward distill their experiences into concrete lessons that can be applied to rural districts across the country to build power from the state and local levels on up.

They lay out a new long-term vision for Democrats to rebuild trust and win campaigns in rural America by translating progressive values to a rural context, moving beyond the failed strategies of establishment consultants and utilizing grassroots-movement organizing strategies to effectively engage moderate rural voters.

Dear world. It always begins in America.
Don’t wait for 40 years. Do it NOW.

Get your copy here.

Divest from Amazon


Chloe announced that she will not run again, but takes lessons learned, will study LAW and has already founded an organization to boost youth leadership and youth to shape the political sphere.


YL tells you the stories of today’s Einsteins and Gandhis.

Follow their unfolding adventures here, learn from them and boost them

and share it so kids around you can upgrade to become the CHANGE GENERATION.


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March 10, 2022

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