Chrissie Fire Mane

“Liberating Humans to Lead Free, Full Lives as is their Birthright”

is Chrissie’s mission, in pure Lothlorien adventure style! SuperMama, healer, paradise food blogger, musician, singer, artist, superfood and social entrepreneur, travel guide, community leader, youtuber, sacred ceremony, harmonious motherhood, activist, film maker, protectrix and manifestrix, personal coach … she spends her daily life in company of visionary creatives, changemakers, traditional elders and daily shares jewels of this path …¬†showing us WHAT LIFE CAN BE LIKE! WHAT LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED LIKE free from subjugation, kissing up to people and adapting to a grossly suboptimal hurtful society and culture inherited from millenia of abuse, slavery, false tales on human nature … as Harry Potter would say: dark magic.

Her example complements our solutions reporting with the SPIRIT FEELING of why we do good – to protect and restore PARADISE, which is key to success, since our projects and involving others only function when we first LIVE PARADISE INSIDE and OUTSIDE … this is a FEELING and it is LIVED IN ACTION. Breathe in Fire Mane energy daily and let it beautify your daily life in your own way.


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