Dr. Andréa Paige

The Goddess of Vitality and Poop Guru are just two nicknames this shamelessly positive, truthful, knowledgible and thriving adventuress has earned from her merry students. Her college professors remember her as a student that would pitch her own curricula and granted her freedom to spend quit campus, live abroad on her self-designed learning journeys, projects, research –  speedrunning through degrees in multiple disciplines, teaching yoga, meditation, sensuality, nutrition, fasting (Andie is one of few global experts on long-term fasting), transformational festivals, creating AI for health, acquiring half a dozen languages along the way, travelling 100 countries … and there’s more as we write this … since it just goes pop pop pop, we can’t keep up … but you can catch up, and even book Andie as speaker, since she’s “always happy to speak to kids” – did we say we know her from way back when she volunteered with YL Magazine in our early days and tweaked our cardgame stories? Yay! What an experience to have seen her path since!

For you to get an idea what a magical firework a single person can be, we share impressions of her journey with Institute For Vitality.


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