People LOVE positive news

Andrea equipped 130 community radios to broadcast positive news to 3 million people weekly. Let’s seed news through diverse channels all over the contient + begin to show YOUTH!

South America

So many needs, so much going on but invisible to the english & spanish & portuguese internet. Let’s show our fine people and projects to the people!

So much wealth, so many troubles, so many loving kids and caring adults and yet so little presence of young hero*ines in media and schools. High time to connect dots and sectors by using a few proven tricks. Let’s fill this issue and serve 30 countries!

High priority : we need YOUR HELP

From our Berlin HQ, it’s hard to find your South American hero*ines… for reasons of language, lack of appreciation and awards for youth leaders, lack of web articles, media coverage limited to adults, land rights and advocates asking government to pay someone to fix things.

Please tell us of changemakers with tangible projects so we can equip readers, millions of urban folks, youth and school students to turn into users and swiftly self-organize activities that change lives, land, communities and cities like their hero*ine peers do. Also, join the Team to write, interview and spread word to mayors, schools, civil groups and media

Our South American Issue covers Mexico to Argentina and the Carribean, for reasons of shared language, context and challenges. The Carribean and Central America also get their own issues for specific context challenges. Also Amazonia, probably also the Andes.

For now let’s get started! So, send us all you got!

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