Ocean Ramsey

Ocean is likely the world’s best shark advocate, freediver, marine biologist, shark behavior coach, besides being a children’s book author, beach cleaner … taking us on a journey to learn that everything we’ve been told about sharks to be monsters being untrue, and to “discover what sharks are truly like”, or rather, what Planet Earth is truly like – Paradise – and that we must protect our sharks now to keep the oceans healthy and abundant with life.

We have witnessed so many magical moments by following Ocean … eye to eye with curious Great Whites, knowing sharks by first name, anxiously awaiting their annual return to her Hawaiian Islands, rejoicing as they show up, liberating them from fishing hooks if needed … our world has changed.

Swimming along with this true Lothlorien Mermaid is a highlight of YL zine columns …  … and you’ll soon want to join Ocean in the water with sharks – yes, you can! and we expect your photos! 


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