Our most vibrant volunteer and reader community with huge spirit of service. A role model for all of us

So many people doing awesome stuff at small and grand scale. So much to improve. so much fulfillment in being part of change and causing masse movements. Let’s show people-powered solutions AND activate early teenagers to join the ranks fo changemakers in forms that can get into schools and reach millions fast. 

Dear world

Discover an amazing lot of people power and genius from a country of a billion people, a million Gods and almost as many cultures 🙂 a swirling ocean of colors, problems, poverty, prosperity, and countless lovely people acting in selfless spirit of service to the people and the Land, without waiting for government, funding, pretty offices or income.

Hint: Learn from that spirit to #bemoreawesome 

Citizens and schools can boost many Indian citizen-powered initiatives, meet, team up and pay visits. Seize the opportunity, change lives and live dreams!

Dear Indian writers, students and teachers

So much 1950s frontal teaching, but openness to embrace positive student actions that change lives, boost life skills, media and communication competence.

India’s spirit is PERFECT for rapid adoption of North American style Changemaker Student Clubs for high impact youth leadership in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores.

Join our Team, align it with university activities, conquer media, score certificates …

We are going to have so much fun!

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