In our highly evolved, educated, conscious civilization, speaking every single day of how we love our children, how business is highly responsible, run by elite university graduates, facing escalating crisis destroying everything we love, talking of action on talkshows and of education for sustainability at schools …

 IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO for our children and youth to grow up with?

We say that our luminious youth, threatened like none before with utter destruction, loss of peace, liberty, democracy, species, prosperity, identity for no reason but lack of heart and idiocy … and in the position of getting assessed by history as the make it or break it generation … while all the solutions exist, and every single kid is connected via internet with today’s genius Gandhis and Gryffindores … the biggest, best educated, most peaceful and conscious generation in history, all the kids in town we love deserve better.

This can only come from caring people, from true human beings, not from industry or infobots. From responsible Adults with a capital A. And it will have to come from the heart of the world’s visionary changemakers surfing the tidal wave of human evolution – in terms of proper worldview, scope, depth, youth- and people-powered solutions.

… so that the content has actual relevance for readers to turn into users, wield solutions, become part of the hero*ines’ adventures and take action that lead to them getting featured in the magazine, too. And only if people truly care about it will it come true.

View what we can do together.

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