Mary Reynolds Podcast Interview


Mary is a veritable fairy speaking with plants since childhood, encountering the land as a child, asking it what it wishes to become as “an adult” and then, like a mom, helping it get there. This combination made her the youngest Chelsea Flower Show Gold Media winner with her own biopic on Netflix and a Top 10 Landscaper of all Time and author of Garden Awakening which brought incredible magic and beauty into people’s lives, and then realized that it was time to change from Gardener to Guardian, to stop forcing her will on the land and instead gift it back to the Earth in liberty to re-wild and become a safe home for Her plant and animal children to live in peace, joy and abundance once agan.

This Act of Restorative Kindness – to create and ARK and mark it as such – is one of the most popular and straighforward YL stories and actions for children, kindergartens, elementary, middle and actually also high schools.

Listen to Mary’s mesmerizing conversation at Accidental Gods, 60mins, on spotify

Watch the Love & Courage conversation, 60mins, on youtube

And Mary on her memories of speaking to plant spirits in childhood and building an ARK, 24 mins, on the Nature Magic show

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March 11, 2022

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