Ocean Meets 7m Great White Mama


On occasion of the successful petition to the EU to declare a total ban on finning, we celebrate the historic moment that Ocean was in her home waters of Hawaii and suddenly

encountered the biggest Great White Shark ever seen, gently following a floating dead whale, and pregnant with babies.

On this day, Ocean’s iconic photos and film made frontpages all over the planet, always emphasizing that sharks are not monsters, but gentle stewards of ocean ecosystem abundance that are highly intelligent and do not perceive humans as food.


Yes, one should *not* touch sharks

Ocean knows and says this, too.

But Ocean is not the ordinary tourist fun diver. Ocean is IN CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION with sharks like very few other beings … as one learns when diving along her for a while, feeling her, and more.

“I only touch when I feel it’s okay,”

she says.

Okay means : for the shark, and for humanity and future of Earth – means,

  • it gets a lot of views
  • not for personal fame (she doesn’t need that, she is not some dumb celebrity, but a marine scientist, guide, diving trainer and more)
  • to gain the global public’s attention
  • to eraze the everpresent one-sided horror teeth monster bloody victims photography
  • to add her message
  • to connect people to her instagram stream with daily educational posts.

And the sharks are *very happy* to join that little moment “for the cause”.

They do not appreciate harassment and cowboy riding stunts like moron tourists do; which by the way shows how gentle and patient sharks are.

Learn what sharks are truly like and how to avoid accidents and mistakes.

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March 8, 2022

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