Re-Write Your Story, B-Town Warriors


Desert Pea Media is very proud to announce the fourth release from the B-Town Warriors – ‘Rewrite Your Story’.

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This song was created in October via a 5 day Desert Pea Media (DPM) storytelling workshop. Co-written by, and starring an incredibly talented group of young Indigenous people enrolled at Bourke High School – with support from DPM staff, local elders and community members.

There has been a change of the guard in the B-Town Warriors as some of the crew moved to another town. That being said, some old faces are well and truly back in the game, and we are SO stoked and proud to see them back on the team 🙂

Inspired by real experiences, this story came from a young person in the group who had found common ground with a new friend about a shared traumatic experience. The strength and affirmation this experience presented opened up a whole new perspective for her.

This song is a story of hopefulness, positivity and strength. You are not alone. There is no need to feel shame. You are loved and your story is important.

In a context where mental health is at crisis point for young Indigenous Australians, and the pressures of living in two worlds are bigger than ever. This is a brave and emotive production, driven by young people to inspire and support mobs to be resilient, healthy and feel supported.

The B-Town Warriors were born out of a project in 2016 that resulted in a song and music video ‘People of the Red Sunset’. The music video attracted an alarming level of support, hundreds of thousands of views, and was added to spot rotation on Triple J. The legend Dom Alessio from Home N Hosed then premiered their follow-up track ‘Dreams’ early in 2017.

A partnership with the good people at The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation has meant that DPM will deliver four projects in Bourke in 2017 – starting with ‘Dreams’ and followed by ‘Thundercloud’ and culminating in two further productions in October. The final track ‘My Generation’ will be released in January 2018.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyze ‘the real’, ‘the ideal’ and ‘the bridge’. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for yourself, for each other and for our communities.

This project featured the expert musical direction and production of acclaimed musician and and songwriter Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown, Nattali Rize) who has taken on music direction all B-Town Warriors productions.

Special thanks to Aunty Ellen Doolan and her partner Russell – to Andrew Ryder, Shirlee Rowland and Joan Dickson from Bourke High, and especially to the Nyaampa, Wonkamurra, Murrawarri and Paakantji people. Big love to all you mob, and thanks again for having us on country.

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Young people in Bourke, NSW – Co-Directors/ Co-Writers/ Performers
Toby Finlayson – Director/ Writer/ DOP/ Editor
Carlo Santone – Music Producer/ Music Director
Josh Nicholas – Recording Engineer/ Sound Recordist/ Mentor
Roy Weiland – Colour Grading/ Motion Graphics
David Nicholas – Audio Mixing
Tony Mantz – Audio Mastering
Nicky Akehurst – Second Camera/ Production Assistant/ Stills Photography
Jules Lawson – Producer / DPM Business Manager

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January 24, 2022

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