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Such a magical experience … and Eric says we can learn this, too, and use it with schools, friends, at town fests … 

“I wanna know!”

  • Yo, look, you’ve seen the method, next you do it again, invite a couple of friends and play around.
  • And we’ll round it off with a video chat on stories, theory, useful stuff, users and uses, plus why sevengardens is the “most UNESCO recognized initiative on the planet” – what makes it so special for ESD Education for Sustainable Development and SDGs the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and status with RCE Ruhr, United Nations University – and how you can carry that set of logos and status when addressing schools, towns etc for workshops. 

Oha. Yes.

Lessons learned, able to introduce others. And an afternoon in beautiful community, with plenty of dreaming and giggles. To protect participants’ status as respected professionals in the greater community, we refrain from sharing the video clip of an unbridled laughter attack 🙂

From here on,

a sevengarden Dialoger’s path unfolds individually along many lines of choice.

One can experiment and develop skills by using available written resources, online, in libraries, or the sevengardens Book and Magazine (Eric edited Issue #1 that’s why he knows so much about it and about Dialogers)

One can create a dyeing garden (5 square meters can be enough) and enjoy the growing community that it attracts – expect many enlightening conversations, ahs and ohs, and “oh, how beautiful, how smart, can you show me, can I bring my aunt, my kids, my school class?”

One can play with it every evening at home for meditation, like Gracinete, who mixes in earths and materials from her home country – Amazonia – to keep her Heart and Culture alive – and has developed an exquisite level of artistry – and is available via video and face2face. How about a workshop and storytelling for your school class or citizen group, aye? She has also arranged group travel to Brazil around this theme.

One can rediscover nature through the seasons … which colors are available through petals, bark, falling leaves, even rusty nails and cigarette butts?

It truly brings ESD to life …

… dyeing clothes without polluting waters, making skin friendly cosmetics in all shades at any time of the year, creating micro business, re-awakening ancestral knowledge and crafts,

… doing one’s own research and self-training skills to create services and products of societal professional value and standard, even better – since 100% organic and fair …

Wow, with how many things can you do that without taking a multi-year expensive training? In coding, okay. But computer nerd is not for everybody, no matter what Microsoft and the AI bot corporate advertizing machine wishes to impose on our beautiful children.

This self-guided research and skill development is called citizen science 2.0. There’s not many applications for that. UNESCO and educators and Learning Cities love that.

It also covers all 17 SDGs!

That is very rare for “one” organization or activity.

You can live SDGs in Action!

No more boring “30% poverty in country X, 70% in country Y, how sad” talk in school classes. SDGs are to get taught in practice – like music and sports – scoring goals, playing classics, composing your own, always with the goal and benchmark to uplift audiences – with a sense of magic and beauty, …

In sevengardens + YL combination, you can connect it with Fair Fashion student clubs + development collaboration with Michaela of Kalima Design + launching fahsion production with the Red Brigade Trust’s teenage tailor training studio to help their volunteer self-defense trainers (who so courageously and selflessly train their peers, confront rapists and murderers, train girls in Africa  and inspire all of us on the planet) make an income. Because in their poor neighborhood, and with their ideals and priorities, local “marriage and wife at home” standards there is no income to make.

Yes, you can also pay visits, train and certify Dialogers, bring goods, get trained in self-defense, do media articles, dive into the community, explore their environment through their eyes …

How exciting.

What’s happening at your local schools in terms of “creating a GOOD WORLD FOR ALL” in this trend of “being adult” and “behaving like in a crisis”? Boring. #bemoreawesome 

You can set off fireworks starting with … skrrsh skrrsshh making color from red cabbage and friends. The rest follows as people get inspired and ask “what else can we do with that?”

This group alone has access to

2 Schools

A Youth Co-living Centre

A Town's Community Garden

An Intergenerational Centre

4+ big Gardens

Vivid Culturally Creative Community

Gardening School

The global YL Tribe

What plant color activities can one do with that?

You find certified sevengardens Dialogers

in 30 countries, each with their own focus like arts education, dyeing gardens, traditional costume making, fair fashion, therapy

There is no directory of dialogers, that’s on purpose; you usually find them by simply typing sevengardens and a location or a theme / profession into a search engine. That’s because active Dialogers spread news on their offers to city, citizen groups, elderly homes, churches, museums, schools etc., and they post the info on their newsletters and pages and once workshops happen, Dialogers, teachers, partners or journalists take lovely photos and report on their delightful experience in their newsletters and in local news media. And that stuff gets found online. With their name and contact.

That’s how you can introduce sourcing colors from plants

Peter knows many – not all – since sevengardens keeps spreading like a fungus. That’s a good thing, fungi are pioneer plants and full of surprises. And he’s of course the ultimate source of inspiration, know-how, communications and strategy for collaboration. You get a chance to meet him now and again. It’s extremely “magicafying” 🙂 his Dumbeldore magic rubs off

sevengardens is part of our YL tool box, a great tool for YL Coaches and highly popular for use at town fests, at schools, kindergartens… If you wish to know more, Eric can tell you more, give trainings (also online) and direct you to a fair bunch of Dialogers.

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March 11, 2022

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