Red Brigade Trust

This courageous crew of child and teenage rape survivors has trained 30,000 girls in self-defense against sexual assault, changed laws, made police do their job, de-traumatized survivors, ended the taboo on women using violence, made it on the nation’s most popular game show, even army officers sende their wives for training, they run education programs, train vocational skills, help acid attack survivors, fed the poor during extreme pandemic crisis and more. 

Their next big dream is to build the Red Brigade Academy – which we are determined to help achieve together with schools and citizen groups around the world, plus build bridges for travel, volunteering, coaches, youth exchanges, international video-tranings and a European Tour as soon as times allow.

As you can imagine, their journey is a true adventure with many memorable moments – and we’ll share it here for your inspiration with ample opportunities to get involved and write the next exciting chapters together!


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