Epic potential for Good Lives of peace, joy and abundance for all by teaming up for what truly matters with common sense genius and lots of Heart

Welcome to the most precious view on Africa – with people-powered solutions, coaches and partners for global schools and travellers to unite their forces with rapid multi-faceted impact – for youth, parents, education, journalists, mayors and Living SDGs in Action. Enjoy! And PARTICIPATE in making it awesome!

A few words on this very special African venture

Hiyah, great to see you here.

We are very grateful for the timely opportunity of launching this with dynamic YL Project Partners nurturing multi-faceted Youth Leadership ventures in most extraordinary settings … permaculture ending poverty without need for money, machines, poison or aid, progressive village schools, Africa’s first Quidditch League – yes! – turbulent post-Apartheid regions, small countries in transition, youth crews in the place no one wants to swap with – refugee camps …

Their example of getting things going with nothing fires all of us to #bemoreawesome and wield our enormous untapped powers. They are also the BEST stories, witnesses and partners to engage with schools, conscious journalists and countless caring ciitzens.

Our two-pronged approach of reporting on existing model solutions while producing fresh success stories through YL-induced youth-led action with potential to spark ripple effects is super exciting and rewarding.

You can find out more about our African Youth Leadership Coaches Skhumbuzo, John, Karim, Sumaili, the girls crew, Luwayo and others, and how to swiftly help achieve big important milestones at

Our African changemaker crews are very inspired by these fresh perspectives and look forward to global partners to activate the potentials. I hope that you are equally enthusiastic and join in.

What can I say but this officially is the time to #bemoreawesome

Eric, YL Captain

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