North America

The overflowing core of youth leadership, social enterprise and lots of unnecessary suffering. Time to make solutions omni-present, so not just some schools and towns rock, but all of them.

Pure epicness! The US and Canada are 30+ years ahead in youth action, social enterprise, creative vision, citizenship platforms and in conveying action in vivid imagery. Most stories are yet unimaginable in other parts of the world.

But also in many schools, towns and districts of the US and Canada kids, youth, adults and the Land yet suffer badly. Start seeding solutions at record time.

World : Stop copy-pasting America’s crap. You’re way behind. Catch up with this!

Young writers and mediamakers. Let's create the NEW!

There’s a million high impact changemakers in the US and Canada, but “positive news” columns or media limit themselves to rescued cats, soup kitchens, text and a passport portrait. Is there any medium for kids and teens that shows more than models, marketeers, engineers, comedians, athletes and power politicians, one that shows people and projects that actually get things done to change lives and land, learning, laws and industries for the better – fast – with access to tools and help to take action and do like them? To form Changemaker Student Clubs and reach 100s of peers daily?

We’re doing that.

North America is 30+ years ahead of the world – in the bad and in the good. It’s getting nastier, quickly, you know that and talkers, screamers, fighters may play their role in the madhouse, but there’s many aspects of improving lives and land that are not covered at all by the “eloquent speakers” presented on stages and media. We focus on tangible solutions that beam us into peace, joy and abundance. View stories below. 

The American potential is still truly unique, but it needs to get nurtured. Conventional media do NOT do it, not the corporate, nor the alternative. Now let’s take the gems and help people replicate them – also in Kentucky’s communities ruined by opioids.

Let’s get it into all schools. Onto kids phones, but also into classrooms and hallways as wall displays. Let’s get into parenting media and on civil society newsletters. Let’s get into the hands of mayors, funders and celebrities.

Let’s boost our hero*ines initiatives and enable readers to use their tricks like we all use “the world’s best make-up tips, smoothie recipes and gaming moves”. That is media genius. anything less is poop #bemoreawesome

Passionate writers, artists and social media wizards get unique opportunity here to practice a new kind of Positive Change Media Culture, seed it and evoke relevant changes. JOIN THE CREW.

Eric meets Cassandra Lin

Eric meets Cassandra Lin

Experience a profound conversation with the multi-award winning foundrix of Turn-Grease-Into-Fuel

Re-live The March For Our Lives

Re-live The March For Our Lives

Re-live in full the 4th biggest protest in US history, 100% youth-organized just 3 weeks after the Florida school shooting

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