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Ever see people just post a photo of their face with a caption about something they are thinking a lot about?

Definitely not my usual approach, but there are fewer than 9 days left so here is another attempt to get the message out that sharks need EU citizens signatures/votes for the shark finning ban.

With FEWER THAN 9 days to get a couple hundred thousand more signature/votes from #EU citizens for what is so far the largest shark conservation movement of 2022: Please help save sharks by:

EU citizens if you click the link in the bio of @stopfinningeu and select VOTE you could help turn the tide for sharks and be a part of the first HUGE step in banning the wasteful and cruel practice of stopping shark finning in the EU.

Please share the caption message if you are not an EU citizen, and if you are an EU citizen please take a minute to vote and to share with other EU citizens.

Please be a voice for those without a voice

and give them just a few minutes of your life to possibly save millions of lives!! The fishing of sharks also often kills many other marine animals as by-catch as well so even if you dont do it for sharks please do it for the ocean and the many lives and ecosystems that rely on it.

Rare photo of me not looking super tired by my amazing husband @Juansharks
Swim suit from my sustainable swimwear line @OneOceanBikini Design “Paradise”
Make up Squalene free and A Lot of it 😉 Cause I have a LOT of sun spots without it! You can still see the forehead mask tan ☀️☺️😊🤙🏽🏄🏼‍♀️🌊🌅Xoxo

Direct website: Www.Stop-finning-eu.Org and I will put some links in stories as well 🙏🏼 Thank you.

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But keep pushing since the lawmaking process is not to get trusted. 

The recently passed EU guidelines protected sharks from finning … except

  • when it happens on land
  • if ships ask for a special exception

Guess what:

  • they just extinct sharks on land then
  • 100% of Portugese ships asked for the exception
  • supermarkets all over Europe sell shark meat hidden as “fish flakes” in products
  • protected sharks are found in PET FOOD

Would you feed your cat or dog lions, rhinos, elephants, jaguars?

  • That’s how criminal psychopath that industry is.
  • It betrays all people, all “valued customers” (PR propaganda talk)
  • It destroys everything we love
  • It is a multi billion dollar mafia, and it will not cease to sabotage politics.
  • And politicians will celebrate “historic progress” while leaving loopholes that reduce change to 0%

This change cannot come from centralized 20th Century dirty industry parliaments.

It can only come from next level GOOD society distributed citizen action and regional solutions, like replacing of criminal, violent, shameful, toxic, ecocidal shark fishery with more profitable, educational, ecosystem healing and abundance restoring shark tourism in some island regions.

“Proud seafaring nations” with fishermen suffering from economic struggles will not just quit. It needs to get clarified that “the people” do not benefit of shark finning, but only corporations and the foregin ships registered in Spain with foreign low paid crew.

The “people”, the true “hard working honest fishermen proud of their culture and belonging and tradition and connection with local harbor populations” do not benefit of high sea shark extinction.

They however can benefit of revived culture, educational excursions with schools, activity holiday experiences etc.

Be creative, call in hyper genius make history #bemoreawesome and tell us about it to introduce this innovation in YL magazine and to take it into all schools near the oceans.

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March 6, 2022

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