Student Club Namaste Nepal scored $36,153€ this week-end


26 Sep 2021
What did your town’s youth and adults do this week?
On Friday, 100,000 gathered to listen to Greta at a protest in Berlin, more than 600,000 all over Germany and many more all over Earth. and what exactly has been the impact for plants, animals and people on Earth?
Meanwhile, the kids and adults of Freiberg (39,948 inhabitants) scored  36,,153 Euros / Dollars to boost peace, joy, abundance and sustainability in Gati, Nepal. That’s like $1€ per inhabitant. Some people ran 2 marathons from friday to sunday.
Have 1 million protesters gifted $1€ to restore ecosystems and help people in affected regions? Why not? 
Have 1 million protesters gifted some hours and effort to restore ecosystems and help people in affected regions? Why not? 
Who acts like in a crisis?
Who turns love into action with relevant impact on lives and land?
Who acts 1970s after three years of zero impact on political decision-making? Who acts 21st Century style?
Shifting from protests to projects means to #BeMoreAwesome
– How much money could you and your friends have generated with a 48 hour sponsor run if every citizen in town gifted $1€? What will you do now that you know this?
– What will our hero*ine friends leading high impact initiatives do with $36,153€ keeping in mind that such money is worth 5 to 10x more in their low income regions?
Note: if such money was raised by a crowdfunding platform $3,615€ would be LOST. 
… bemore awesome

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September 27, 2021

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