Everybody loves teen hero*ines, solution stories and action opportunities.

And the world, youth, parents, teachers and mayors need them dearly. Let’s bring ’em to them!

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  • daily upliftment
  • see success stories unfold
  • can contribute in many ways
  • enjoy company of hero*ines
  • are part of a community of caring, skilled and resourceful citizens
    … like no other.

Try it out. We believe you’ll love it.

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What Our Supporters Say

The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen

I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope


I used some of your stories in class. It’s been one of the most energized lessons of my career


I feel adrenalin run through my entire body. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too


If this existed in my country, nobody would read anything else


The stuff that makes you say – sign me up!


We need this at all our schools


A must-have for every kid on the planet


We need 333 supporters for fullspeed operation.

Who, if not you? _ When, if not now?

What it does

Your monthly support makes all this possible


+ Social Media
with support for heroines

Training writers
creating an ecosystem of changemakers and writers for long-term self-organization

Global Issue

The finest of humanity’s changemaking movements

African Issue

Opening up unprecedented opportunities

Bosnia & Herzegovina

There’a more than Yugoslav War massacres

European Issue

So much potential, but no youth leadership. High time.

Indian Issue

Enormous need, sense of service and potential

+ Digital PDF
to enjoy hero*ines in beauty

+ Print Issues
to gift children
use at home and school
seed to cafes and canteens
hand to mayors and wealthholders


The Hero Show

Deep interviews with teen hero*ines, adult changemakers and our teams

> involving audiences for action

> inviting supporters on the show

> special shows for kids


+ Video content for linkedin

to help professionals wield their superpowers to boost hero*ines and youth leadership


Boost Global Young Hero*ines

We help changemakers you meet in the magazine and on The Hero Show take their high impact initiatives to next levels

We take 0% off donations

Boost Local Youth Leadership

Inspire and enable your local youth to do like their hero*ine peers

+ Coaching for Community Organizers

  • in crisis regions of Africa, India
  • for you, as certified YL Coaches

to wield YL media, methods, partners and community to spark and evolve high impact youth leadership

Your Benefits

You are member of a friendly community of worldclass changemakers.

Imagine that Elfie & Obi wish to..

... throw an Indian theme Philanthro-Party

with hero*ine recipients, flair, milestone, video-meet

... add 100% Fair Fashion to their boutique

and get Kalima Design’s plant-dyed products, photos, videos on small family production, can order own designs, pay visits

... act for refugees with their Fridays For Future group

and team up with Sumaili’s Girls Crew in Kakuma Camp to better life of youth and girls

give their kids ace role models

get daily news, action, weekly video-meets with follow-up activities

make School awesome

for their kids – do a presentation, start a student club, launch project partnerships and youth exchanges

bring the SDGs to life ... as a town councillor

get ace partners, coaching, an epic School Challenge

add purpose to family holidays

visit true hero*ines they support and met, plus Club members in the region; so many friends!

boost their café's flair

use hero*ine poster exhibit, music, films, table flyers, monthly hero*ine specials

get help for local causes

have a global tribe of like-hearted caring resourceful friends + worldclass experts

They can do all of these. Imagine 100,000 readers to do so!


Boost Youth Leadership & Positive Change Media Culture

with your skills, resources and relations

Report about us

in your medium and newsletter, tell your fans and followers + invite them to participate


Interview us

on our work, vision, experiences, achievements, what’s next and how people can participate and benefits


Publish our Stories

in your medium, your radio and tv program, your kids and youth program – as regular column – call audiences to act, report on their actions taken

Make a Call

to your audience, members and network … to nominate hero*ines, solutions, gems to get published in YL Magazine


Gift us Adspace

in your medium, our city, at bus stops, in subways, your radio and tv program

Gift Artwork

that awakens love, hero*ine spirit and action … to include in YL Magazine and social media

Activate 1 School

Inform a teacher / inspire students with stories, exhibit, speaker + action calls to participate and boost hero*ines

Act on 50 UN Days

Publish theme related solution stories, role models, young hero*ines + involve audiences to Live SDGs in Action

Book a Speaker

Book our staff, coaches or hero*ines … with focus on media, youth, solutions, edu-action … with options for preparation and follow-up action


Seed Story Sets

to students, colleagues, guests, families … + add a call to participate

Do Poster Exhibits

to reach 100s of people with hero*ine stories

Take a Training

Train writers, students, staff and citizenry in youth leadership, positive change media culture + in YL 101 to take action and activate local youth and citizenry

Print Copies

for distribution by YL or for specific recipients in your region or elsewhere

Co-create an Issue

Local, regional, national or continental

Translate 1 Issue

to make it available to your country or even continent


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